About the author and team behind sewingmachinesreviews

At Sewingmachinesreviews.com we are looking to bring your some fresh information on what is hot right now. Both in the field of sewing machines and other cool devices.

Here is a little story of how we decided to make this site.

When I was a kid, I used to watch my mom operate the sewing machine. And it was intriguing to me. Since birth I had been interested in technology and sewing machines were as cool as I could find. Without any effort they would connect two pieces of cloth, which would take days by hand. So I would help my mom and sometimes got to operate the machine too.

Then I lost interest in sewing machines for about 25 years. My main focus was big machines, primarily in the oil and gas industry. It wasn’t until 5 years ago that I ran into a sewing machine again. My (then) girlfriend loved to make clothes and sewed a lot. Again, there was this amazing machine that effortlesly combine any piece of cloth. My girlfriend left, unfortunately.

But I was hooked, and bought my own machine. Since then i have been getting better and better. And, after using a lot of different machines, I have learned a lot about sewing machines. About what is important, and what is not. And which machines will work forever versus which will break down when you look at them.

That information is what I want to share through this website.  Because it’s a little boring to only feature sewing machines, I will also write about other devices and services that I have experience with.

So cool that you are here, hope you have fun.