What Are Some Of The Noises That Scare Dogs?

Some dogs don’t get scared of many things like other dogs, and that includes noises. All dogs have sensitive ears nonetheless. Some breeds are more sensitive to noises, and some breeds are also just simply more nervous, paranoid and scared of things. Think about Chihuahuas, and other breeds like that as well. What type of dog or dogs do you have? What noises scare them?

Sirens Are Scary

One noise that can scare dogs is a siren. That is an easy one because sirens are extremely loud. Especially when they get close, the sirens irritate dog’s ears. When they get older, they might get more used to the sirens, but they might never fully understand them. For all they know, the sirens are a war cry. In fact, they can hear them from quite a distance away, so they don’t even have to be close.

Many dogs like to howl or make a similar noise when sirens are nearby. It is almost as they are imitating them either as a defense mechanism or a form of communication or both. Furthermore, other sounds can scare dogs as well. There is an old cliched expression about how sometimes when people get yelled at, they cower like dogs would. People say this in different ways, but the point is one of the noises that scares dogs is when people tell them.

When we are talking about sirens, they can come from different places than emergency services. Cities have emergency siren systems, and so do homes and vehicles in the neighborhood. Car horns can also scare dogs, and now you might as well throw in the rest of the traffic sounds. That should make you think about a whole bunch of other sounds that might scare them.

Not all Dogs React Similar

Doors slamming inside a home can scare a dog. My dog gets antsy about everything, and he is half Chihuahua. His other half is Corgi. He lives with my mom now. He used to get all nervous when so would drop something, even if it was a small something. Does your dog do that? The fact remains that so many different sounds can scare dogs because of what was mentioned earlier, their sensitive ears.

You might think that all dogs would be similarly sensitive because they all have the same type of ears. But that is not the case. While that would seem like the likely conclusion, think about a teacup Chihuahua and a pitbull. Do Pitbulls even howl at sirens?

Big dogs still do get scared of strange and even familiar sounds. They may or may not get scared as often, but remember it isn’t just about the breed or stereotypes, but also about the individual personalities of the dogs. My sister owns a Rhodesian Ridgeback, a huge dog that is great at guarding. When he is nervous about anything, one of his back legs flinches.

How to Gauge a Dog’s Reaction to The Noise

We’ve established that a dog’s reaction to sounds can depend on the breed and individual personality, and we’ve also identified many sounds that scare dogs. Additionally, it is time to point out that the different reactions of dogs to sounds can still mean the same things at times. In other words, one dog may react one way and apparently be scared while another dog might react an entirely different way, and either still appear scared or not scared at all. Think about my sister’s Rhodesian Ridgeback that doesn’t seem afraid, yet his hind leg occasionally shakes in the background.

What are some other sounds that scare dogs? They seem to be amused by radios, cellphones, televisions and other electronic devices that make noise, in general anyway. Of course, the volume can always be turned up too loud. Construction noises can also scare dogs, and that mention comes from the resort environment in which I live because there is often some construction going on.

Fireworks can also scare dogs. You have to watch when it comes to dogs and their sensitivity to sound. You want to be mindful and protective of your pet. You will probably pay much more mind to this now, won’t you?

What Can You Do To Protect Them?

In most cases it’s best to keep your dog safe from scary noises. Training can help, but is going to take a lot of work, especially if the dog is older than two years and has already become set in it’s ways. A great way to protect your dog from noise, like fireworks and thunderstorms, is a special dog house called Zencrate that keeps dogs relaxed. It works in the same way as noise-canceling headphones, where an active system reduces the sound level. This provides the dog with it’s own place that is quite and relaxing.


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